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Brand Guardianship

Adopting a new brand is exciting. Creating and establishing that brand can be expensive and requires proper care and protection. It is important that the chosen brand can be legally protected and that it does not infringe a third party’s rights. If this occurs, it can result in the withdrawal of the brand, the necessary development of a new brand and even expensive and drawn out litigation.

The Brand Guardianship service provides clients with advice on how to protect their intellectual property in the most cost-effective way and includes:

  • Guardianship Review – to ensure that a brand is available for use and can be defended.
  • Brand Registration – registration of rights in relevant jurisdictions to protect against misuse by third parties.
  • Portfolio Management – outsourcing the management of a portfolio of registered designs and/or registered trade marks, including oppositions, renewals and watch notices.
  • Design and Copyright Safe – secure repository enabling ownership of intellectual property to be proven.
  • Enforce Now – where third party infringement does take place, fast and cost-effective enforcement ensures that disruption is minimised. 

To view our online Brand Guardianship brochure, please click here.

The Brand Guardianship team also run a webinar series. 

The first is the 'Protect Your Brand Webinar' it includes an explanation of the trade mark registration process and a case study of the legal issues that arise from creation of a new initiative to product launch. To watch our 'Protect Your Brand Webinar' please click here.

Chloe Fernandez has contributed to Getting the Deal through: Trademarks 2016 which you can read here:

Getting the Deal through has expert local insight into the major trade mark law issues across multiple jurisdictions, covering: ownership and scope of trade marks, application for registration, appeal of failed applications, third-party opposition to registration, duration and maintenance of marks, assignment, markings, types of trade mark enforcement proceedings, procedural format and timing, discovery, litigation costs, defences and remedies and appeals.


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