The management team

How we run our business is important to our employees, clients and contacts. We believe that we have one of the most effective management teams of any UK law firm.

  • Jonathan Grigg (Managing Partner)
  • Kim MilanĀ (Senior Partner)
  • Helen Barnett (Head of HR)
  • Natalia Ruiz-Moreno (Head of Marketing & Business Development)
  • Jeni Carr (Finance Director)
  • Suchi Pathak (Head of IT)
  • Steve Fuller (Head of Facilities)

Like many organisations we use a range of tools including benchmarking to learn from others and help us improve. One of the ways we do this is to compare the success of our strategy and performance as well as individual initiatives with those of competitors and other businesses. The aim is to help people and organisations that have an interest in our success gauge how well we are doing, and importantly decide whether we are the right law firm for them.

award winning law firm

Boyes Turner are proud to have received the following awards and recognition.