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Further rise in employment tribunal claims – what do you need to know about the employment tribunal?
22 August 2018

It has been just over a year since the need to pay a fee to bring an employment tribunal claim was abolished, which has led to a spike in claims being brought. With many more claims being issued than in the past few years employers need to be aware now more than ever of what they could face if a claim is made against them.

Increase in tribunal claims

The latest provisional figures for the quarter for January to March 2018 show that individual claims have increased by 118% and the workload of the tribunal with these claims has increased by 89%. The outstanding case load for multiple claims has also increased by 21% when compared to the previous year.

Are employment tribunals different to courts?

Employment tribunals differ from the civil or criminal courts due to their less formal structure. Unlike the civil or criminal courts, barristers in employment tribunals do not wear gowns and wigs and the judge is referred to as “Sir” or “Madam”. In some cases, employees can represent themselves and can be given assistance and greater leniency by judges than they would in a civil matter if they appeared unrepresented.

Another major issue for employers is that costs awards (usually where the losing party pays the winner’s legal costs, which is the norm in civil cases) are actually very rare in the employment tribunal. For this to happen, the employee would have had to have engaged in unreasonable conduct or have no prospect of success in their case.

What is it like to attend an employment tribunal?

If you would like to find out what goes on at an employment tribunal then you can join Boyes Turner’s Employment Team and barristers from 3PB on 16 October 2018 to find out at our mock tribunal training course.

The mock tribunal will look at a range of aspects of what goes on at a hearing. From witness evidence to cross examination, from closing submissions to the judge’s decision, see the twists and turns of the employment tribunal acted out before you. Meet the experts, hear about the mechanics of the tribunal and learn about what the risks and expectations are of the litigation process.  We can promise you alarm, surprise, insight, tactical knowledge, plus you can see how the law is played out in action and how things can go wrong! 

HR professionals and the wider management population are encouraged to attend – especially if they have never had any tribunal experience or want to prepare for an upcoming case.

What are the details and how do I book?

This full day course is split into 2 sessions:

  • In the morning we will focus on tribunal etiquette, tribunal procedure (including document disclosure), common pitfalls and the experience of being a witness and what it is like to be cross examined. 
  • In the afternoon we have the mock tribunal itself, where you can watch the case play out and learn about all the twists and turns that take place. 

The event will take place on 16 October 2018 at Boyes Turner’s offices (Abbots House, Abbey Street, Reading RG1 3BD) and costs £349 + VAT. This includes all materials, refreshments and a chance to meet lawyers from our team and barristers from 3PB.

Places are limited so early booking is essential. Also, if you book on or before 31 August 2018 you can benefit from a 10% discount.

Please contact Emma O’Connor or please click HERE to book your place on the event.

Alternatively, do you want to run a mock employment tribunal in house? Please contact Emma O’Connor to discuss.

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