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Helen Goss
Helen Goss,
Good Work -The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices
12 July 2017

Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the Royal Society of the Arts, published his review into employment practices in the gig economy yesterday- “Good Work -The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices” 

The Report published yesterday states that “all work in the UK economy should be fair and decent with realistic scope for development and fulfilment". The report is focused on 3 main areas: tackling exploitation of low paid workers, increasing clarity in employment laws, and making laws fit with the UK's industrial strategy.

The 7 basic principles based on “good work” for all are as follows:

Good work for all

  • A national strategy to provide good work for all.
  • "Good work" includes wages, employment quality, education and training, working conditions, work life balance and consultative participation and collective representation.
  • Everyone should enjoy a "baseline" of protection and be given pathways to  progression at work.

Dependent contractors

  • A new category of worker - the “dependent contractor”.
  • Individuals who prefer flexible working should still get that but with fairness at work.
  • There should be a clear distinction between dependent contractors and those who are truly self-employed.

National Living Wage

  • The National Living Wage is "a powerful tool" to raise the wages of low paid workers.
  • Strategies must be put in place, particularly for low paid sectors, to make sure workers do not get stuck on minimum wage.
  • Individuals must feel that they can make progress at work.

Cost of employment

  • The government should avoid increasing costs of employing a person. The review points to the apprenticeship levy as an expense companies have raised as an issue.
  • The government should provide additional protections for dependent contractors. This is likely to include holiday and sick pay.

Good corporate governance

  • The government does not need national regulation to provide good work.
  • Companies must practise responsible corporate governance, good management and strong employee relations.

Personal Development

  • Individuals should also be able to develop their skills through "formal and informal learning" as well as "on the job and off the job activities."

Wellness in the workplace

  • A more proactive approach to workplace health and wellness which will benefit companies, workers and the wider public interest.

To discuss how The Taylor Review might affect your organisation, or if you require any further information about our Employment team and how they can help you, please contact Helen Goss on 0118 852 7254 or email [email protected].

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