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Chloe Fernandez
Chloe Fernandez,
How a Brexit might affect your intellectual property portfolio
09 June 2016

With the referendum concerning the UK’s membership of the European Union looming, how might a British withdrawal affect your intellectual property portfolio?

Whilst the UK Intellectual Property Office administers national intellectual property rights, EU-wide protection can be obtained via such mechanisms as the European Union Trade Mark (EUTM) (formerly the Community Trade Mark) and Community Registered Design. Following a Brexit, EUTMs and Community Registered Designs would likely no longer have effect in the UK. However, it is hoped that there would be some means by which they could continue as a UK right and conversion to a national registration might be one option. Whether that process happened automatically or at the request of the owner would need to be established.

A further consideration if the UK was dropped from the list of territories protected by an EUTM is that the validity of the registration could be impacted. This is especially true in cases where use in the UK represented the main basis for proof of use in the EU. There is some speculation that new legislation could be introduced, whereby existing pre-Brexit EUTMs would be deemed to maintain coverage of the UK, up to the date its EU exit became effective.

Thought should also be given to licensing arrangements covering Community-wide IP rights, if the UK is a territory of interest.

Despite the uncertainty, there is no need to panic, as there would no doubt be a transitional period (particularly given the two year period before Brexit would be implemented), during which time trade mark portfolios could be thoroughly appraised. 

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