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Jeremy Corbyn sets out mini-manifesto for Labour leadership
29 July 2015

One of the frontrunners in the race to become Labour leader has set out his vision of a future government in an equality policy, but what does it mean for employers?

Jeremy Corbyn is seen by many as the current favourite in the battle to take over as leader of the Labour party and he has set out an equality policy, called Working With Women. Jeremy is said today to be running 20 points ahead of his nearest rival.

Mr Corbyn has said women have faced discrimination at home, at work and in the streets for too long and that it was time to end "timid measures". He goes on to say "Women face abuse, mistreatment and persistent discrimination, and they face it in work, at home and on our streets, yet they disproportionately shoulder our unpaid care work, the daily grind of surviving on low pay, and the pain of cuts that have closed domestic violence shelters and left them with no safe haven. The time for timid measures is over."

He added: "Women deserve fair pay, fair chances and unflinching support in the face of violence and abuse."

The headlines of the policy are:

  • Working toward free childcare
  • Making every company publish equal pay audits, not just those with over 250 employees
  • Giving all workers unfair dismissal rights from day 1, instead of after 2 years' service
  • Abolishing Employment Tribunal fees
  • Women making up 50% of his Cabinet and aim to have 50% of Labour MPs being women and 50% of all MPs in the Commons being women
  • Extend the 3 month limitation period for some discrimination claims

Whilst the aims of this equality policy will be welcomed by many, the increased regulation and relaxed tribunal rules will not be. Many employers feel the balance has finally tipped in their favour after many years of it being the other way around, and they may be concerned that a reversal of the current rules, and in particular the removal of tribunal fees, will see a return to the old ways of a barrage of weak claims being allowed through. Whilst the aim may be fair and right, will the floodgates again be opened?

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