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Emma O'Connor
Emma O'Connor,
Managing difficult conversations
22 February 2018

On 15 March, Boyes Turner’s Employment and HR Training team are bringing you the opportunity to attend a morning’s training course focusing on how to manage difficult conversations. You know the ones that often fall on a manager’s or HR’s shoulders! Emma O’Connor, Head of Training explains: “We know how difficult such conversations are to have and in my own practice area I see the negative impact when either situations have been allowed to escalate or where a manager or HR have not managed an issue successfully. As part of our commitment to offering new and innovative training opportunities for the wider HR and management community, join us for a training course led by Dr Jonathan Smith. But don’t take my word for it; here is what Jonathan has to say… 

“We know that when people are involved, difficult conversations need to be had. We also know that, often, our ability to effectively manage difficult situations through the art of conversation is grossly underrated and vastly underutlised. Of all the skills you learn, it will be your ability to manage these difficult conversations that will transcend your performance in the workplace and will serve you well in other areas of your life – including those relationships at home. There has even been plenty of research on the subject and it suggests that the ability to hold difficult conversations leads to personal health gains including reduced negative feelings, emotional pain and stress, as well as a more resilient immune system.

So why do difficult conversations happen? At its most basic level it is because you have your own perceptions, thoughts and feelings of a situation and you work alongside people with their own perceptions, thoughts and feelings of a situation and you don’t always see eye to eye. Therefore, there is always a need to have difficult conversations, you will never outgrow them or get promoted above them.

This need to be able to have effective difficult conversations is seen in SME’s as much as it is seen in multinational companies. The most effective organisations have difficult conversations, because, when done well, they promote a healthy and successful culture. They have a greater sense of trust in one other and have passionate debates about key issues, not cloaked discussions behind closed doors.

Join me where we will look at and discuss:

  • The need to effectively manage difficult conversations
  • The workplaces, the team, the individuals  - who can effectively deal with these types of conversations, and what can be the fall out
  • How to stop avoiding difficult conversations
  • Giving feedback – to a colleague or to a manager?
  • How do we manage these conversations to build trust between manager/employee or between teams
  • How can the management of such conversations improve your organisation’s bottom line?

In today’s fast-paced ever changing environment your ability to handle difficult conversations well is a prerequisite to organisational change and potentially a necessity for life success."

Want to find out more? Our training courses are run at our Reading office in small groups to allow for focused discussion and interaction. This course is aimed not just at HR but at wider management. Do you think your managers need some help in how to have difficult conversations? Bring your organisation’s “difficult conversation” and let’s discuss and come up with a solution. 

To book your place click HERE or email Emma O’Connor at [email protected] for more information. There are booking discounts available.

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