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New Gender Pay Gap Regulations - How to prepare for the new rules
10 January 2017

Private organisations with 250 or more employees will be subject to the new gender pay gap reporting legislation which comes into effect in less than three months. The legislation places obligations on organisations to disclose specific, wide-ranging information concerning the percentage pay difference between their male and female employees.

How can organisations prepare for the new obligations?

Below, we set out some useful information about what to do now:

  • Plan Ahead: Have you looked at which parts of the Group could be affected by the new rules? Have you checked to see if your organisation meets the 250+ employee criteria?
  • Training and Awareness: Do HR, senior leaders and directors know about the new rules, the obligations and the risks? Does the business know what calculations are required, by when and how? SEE BELOW!
  • Management buy-in: Are your directors and managers supportive of what’s required, the steps which might have to be taken and what their roles are in the reporting process? Remember, a Director will be responsible for signing the GPG report.
  • “Do the Math”: Has the organisation looked at the figures and prepared a mock report? Are there any pay grades, salaries or bonuses which affect the figures? Are there glaring issues in the pay differences between men and women?
  • Sector specific: If you already have an indicative gender pay gap figure for your business, how does your gap compare with others in your sector?
  • Responsibility: Who will be responsible for drafting the organisation’s gender pay report? Will this be done internally or outsourced?  Who will check the data is correct?
  • When: When will you publish the gender pay report? Will the organisation wait until the deadline date of 4 April 2018 or be on the front foot?
  • Systems: Are your internal systems able to provide all the information required by the legislation?
  • Report: Will you provide a narrative to accompany the information which explains the context of the figures that are included in the report?
  • Be Prepared: If the report does reveal any concerning gender pay gaps, what will be the response? Will anyone be responsible for implementing an action plan to address these concerns? Is there a contingency plan in place to deal with questions or queries?  This is going to attract media attention – is your marketing or PR team up to speed?
  • Take Advice: Take advice about the new rules and how it might affect your organisation.

Boyes Turner’s Employment and HR Training Academy is training organisations NOW on the Gender Pay Gap.  For information about our specific gender pay gap training please contact Emma O’Connor Head of Training – Employment Group, on [email protected]

For further information about the new gender pay gap reporting requirements and how it could affect your business, please contact us on [email protected] or call us on 0118 952 7284.

Consistent with our policy when giving comment and advice on a non-specific basis, we cannot assume legal responsibility for the accuracy of any particular statement. In the case of specific problems we recommend that professional advice be sought.

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