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Barry  Stanton
Barry Stanton,
How to stop being harassed - Pretend that you're married?!
09 May 2018

A £55,000 payout was the price of an employer “trivialising and belittling” a woman’s discrimination claims. Advice to the bus driver to “pretend she was married” to stop the harassment did not go down at all well with the tribunal judge. The issues were aired in a recent tribunal hearing, and highlight the danger of not treating complaints about sexual harassment seriously.
Following the #metoo campaign, Barry Stanton, Head of Employment here at Boyes Turner, told People Management the case was a reminder, if it was still needed, of “the potential liability that can arise as a result of an inappropriate culture and the willingness of the tribunals to respond accordingly”. These events pre-dated the #metoo campaign. But anyone going before an Employment Tribunal needs to recognise that sexual harassment and discrimination cases are only likely to be taken more and more seriously as time goes on.
You can read the full piece here.

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