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Sophie Martin
Sophie Martin,
The Intestacy Rules have been updated!
14 October 2014

As from the 1st October, the intestacy rules have been updated. The intestacy rules set out who inherits when a person dies without a will.

Where a person dies without a will after 1/10/2014 leaving a surviving spouse or civil partner and children the spouse takes the first £250k, the personal items owned by the deceased and half the balance of any estate outright with the remaining half passing to the children equally when they reach 18.

Where a person dies without children and a will then the surviving spouse or civil partner now takes the whole estate outright.

The changes improve things slightly for married couples and civil partners but do nothing to protect couples who are not married or in a civil partnership. The intestacy rules are normally a disaster for unmarried couples or children when there is a second marriage and the parents have not made a will. The only way to ensure that your loved ones are protected is to make a will.

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