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Emma O'Connor
Emma O'Connor,
The Millennial Management Dilemma
15 August 2017

We hear a lot about millennials and how to get the best out of them.  Is this all hype and a new HR “buzz word” or is there a serious side to this message?

It is true that there is a new generation of workers hitting our management teams, leadership programmes and employee population who might be seen as being out of step with the “way things are done”. But is this a bad thing? 

The millennials joining your workforces now are employees born between 1980 and 2000. When compared to their predecessors, the Baby Boomers and the Gen-Xers, millennials have been brought up in a more diverse world where technology and the ability to get it “now” have impacted on their lives. Their perceptions of employment and what they expect from their careers and lives, challenges expectations. Their education has encouraged team working, their extra curricula world is structured and varied and they are used to their parents’ high expectations. From their employers, millennials seek variety (and lots of it!), a clear career path and greater flexibility and a work/life balance. They want their voices to be heard – by their managers and by the wider management structure.
Ok, so let me get this straight  – wanted : a variety filled job, with a clear career path that encourages and allows for views to be heard and respected by senior leaders, whilst creating an engaging and “fun” working environment with greater virtual communication, structure, team work, work/life balance and flexibility, IT literacy and an affinity for networking.

Sounds impossible doesn’t it!

But, there is a serious message to this and organisations and managers need to respond to ensure they are competitive and attract and retain the best new talent and build the best workforces they can for the future.  Key considerations for employers to bear in mind are:

  • Can you offer interesting and tailored development opportunities and importantly, the chance for individuals to feel like they are adding value and making a difference?
  • Do you appreciate and recognise the diversity of individuals, and teams and harness it to your advantage?
  • Are you open to new ideas, new technologies, and ultimately new ways of working? Millennials are as valuable as other employees, so make sure you listen to them. They could hold the key to improving the efficiency of your organisation, saving you money and increasing your profitability.

Want to hear more? Want to talk their language? Want to up skill your managers? Join us for our Millennial Management Dilemma HR and management training course in London on 18 October 2017. To book your place or find out more click HEREOur morning, workshop-style session will give you an insight into the changing needs of the 21st century workplace and an opportunity to discuss and share practical ways in which you can engage your people to deliver their best. This course is aimed at HR Directors, HR practitioners and business managers at all levels.

Our feedback for our previous Millennial Management Dilemma course:

“thought provoking and empowering!”

“a must have for all managers of millennials”

“made me aware of the needs of millennials and also other generations”

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