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The next generation of employees – the management tools needed to get the best out of your people
07 March 2017

From ‘Generation Y’ (Millennials) to Generation Z (‘Gen Z), this new pool of talent raises issues for managers, HR and organisations about how to get the best out of their people. Understanding what the different generations want in terms of workplace expectations can help organisations attract, retain and nurture home-grown talent.

Organisations already employ many millennial staff but will soon start to see Gen Z coming through their doors. Gen Z describes those who were born from 1996 onwards and many are leaving university and applying for jobs. Gen Z grew up during the recent recession and saw how the economic downturn affected their parents and those around them. As a result, Gen Z is concerned about job security. They want employers to help them build tailored career development plans and invest in their future. Employers should think about what training and development opportunities they offer to attract and retain staff as well as ensuring senior staff and managers are sufficiently trained and equipped to support these individuals.

Millennials are tech savvy; however, Gen Z, perhaps more so. Gen Z will be more sophisticated in using computers and social media which will be a great asset to employers, making them attractive candidates and leaving organisations competing for their talent. Gen Z will not remember a time before the internet, social media or a smartphone so bringing these individuals into your organisations will also bring key IT and tech skills which are new and which they can teach to the existing workforce.

The next generations will communicate differently, using images, emoji’s, symbols and very little in the way of actual words or sentences and they do this in a very speedy fashion. This has its disadvantages as it can leave the door open to interpretation and misunderstanding among colleagues. But on the other hand, can be hugely efficient. Employers should be open to exploring new ways of communication, testing out techniques and finding out what works best for the organisation.

How can you best prepare yourself for a workforce of both Millennials and Gen Z?

Key considerations for employers to bear in mind are:

  • Can you offer interesting and tailored development opportunities and importantly, the chance for individuals to feel like they are adding value and making a difference?
  • Do you appreciate and recognise the diversity of individuals, and teams and harness it to your advantage?
  • Are you open to new ideas, new technologies, and ultimately new ways of working? Gen Z is as valuable as other employees, so make sure you listen to them. They could hold the key to improving the efficiency of your organisation, saving you money and increasing your profitability.

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