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Start: 09:00
End: 22/04/2021
Cost: Free

Location: Zoom

Covid-19 led us all to consider different ways of working’ What we thought would last months has now led to many employees working from home for over a year or not working at all. With the UK vaccine programme well underway, the prospect of many returning to the workplace is starting to become a reality.

But, it is likely to be far removed from the "normal" world of work we left behind. We will need to carefully manage a new hybrid way of working: where some people will be workplace based and others working remotely. Successful managers will understand the need to unite their teams and ensure everyone feels included.

In this changing world of work there will be new opportunities but also new discoveries and fresh challenges including:

  • Employee anxiety about returning to the workplace 
  • Different views as to whether teams should be in the office or are able to work remotely
  • Teams dividing into opposing tribes
  • Managing meetings where some people are in a room and others are virtual. 
  • Bringing people back from furlough 

The best managers will be alert to the stresses of the situation for their teams and open to exploring what is needed to unite the team by adopting a coaching culture. Does this sound like something you need but you don't know where to start? 

Come and join the discussion with our panel of Boyes Turner coaches and have the opportunity to ask questions yourself on how best to get your employees working effectively together.

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