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Emma O'Connor



Geraldine Joaquim

Mind Your Business and Quest Hypnotherapy

Managing teams can be difficult, especially when we think about the different ways in which our team members like to work.  Some can easily get on with the task at hand; whereas others like to question every step of the process.  How can we get everyone working together, maintaining purpose and community - however and wherever we are working? Answer – by revisiting and improving our communication skills.

Join Emma O’Connor, Director, as she discusses with Mind Your Business’s Geraldine Joaquim about how we can improve our communication techniques. 

This session would suit managers and leaders of all levels as well as HR professionals.

Discussion points

Through the live session, Emma and Geraldine will explore:

  • Communication skills 2.0
  • Has “Zoom” killed off the social que?
  • The Four Tendencies – what these are and what they mean for you and others
  • Avoiding frustrations - How can we become more effective communicators

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