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Welcome to another edition of Training Times, focusing on what’s happening in the world of the HR Training Academy, new courses and what other businesses are training their leaders and people on.  Find out how training can save your organisation time and money. Stay ahead of the curve!

Virtual Training

Managing Crucial Conversations – Reducing Workplace Conflict

! New Training Course Announced !

ACAS recently published research which found workplace conflict costs UK organisations around £28.5 billion a year.  In its report Estimating the Costs of Workplace Conflict, ACAS analysed incidences of workplace conflict across the UK and its impact on employers and their people.  ACAS measured the cost of handling conflict informally and formally, the cost of resignation, training new staff as well as managing absence resulting from workplace conflict.  According to ACAS, the average cost of conflict is £1,000 per employee every year.

This is a staggering amount and also does not take into account the human cost of workplace conflict.  How can HR help? How should we manage these crucial (and sometimes difficult) conversations?

Crucial conversations, such as returning to site, managing absence or managing performance, if mishandled or ignored, can lead to long term negative employee and team relationships.  However, if leaders know how to turn towards to the disagreement, to build trust and improve outcomes then a far more effective solution can be found. Join Performance Psychologist Dr Jonathan Smith and me on 1 July 2021 for a virtual training session giving HR, leaders and people managers tips and techniques for how to navigate crucial conversations successfully. 

BT Coaching – Facilitated Workshop Series

We’re still finding our way through the challenges of the last 14 months. To help businesses make sense of the direction of their teams and culture, we’re inviting you to join three facilitator-led workshop sessions aimed at those in HR, leadership and development to share ideas, experiences, challenges and opportunities for our own workplaces over the next 6 months. The sessions will help you navigate the challenges and learn from real life experiences. With space to discuss and time to collaborate, the sessions will focus on 3 key return to work issues, with the overarching theme of coaching and leadership development at their core. To find out more and book your space, email us.

Lifting Lockdown – Employee Wellbeing Webinar

As we continue re-opening plans, there will be some employees who are feeling anxious or have concerns about their mental health.  To support your people and share information about the importance of looking after themselves what about running a short all staff live webinar.  Staff can join live or you can share a recording – simple and also economic. We’ve got out of practise of being with others, of noise and stimulation, of being ‘switched on’ and sparkly!  It’s a delicate time now, looking forward to coming out of lockdown but feeling a bit fearful as well, and we might be best placed to tread carefully, to dip a toe into social and business situations, rather than dive bombing in! 

What about our managers? We are also running training courses specifically around raising mental health awareness, spotting the signs and how they can support their people in the short and long term, remembering this is still a marathon and not a sprint.

For information about our wellbeing and mental health training courses, email us.

Managing hybrid teams

To help keep teams productive they need to be engaged and this takes time, effort and skill on the part of our leaders.  Probably the best way that leaders can connect with their teams, as well as engage and motivate them, is through team meetings. As we move through the re-opening roadmap, now is a really good time to revamp your team meetings. What has worked or not worked over the past year? A manager’s approach to team meetings and 1:1s really does set the tone for how the team works and their productivity. Our Managing Hybrid Teams training sessions are 90 minutes long and a chance for your leadership community to come together, share their experiences and learn the tips and techniques to make their teams work better, however and wherever they are working. 

Businesses are running training courses around leadership development encouraging “brilliant” remote managers now, email me to find out more.

Consistent with our policy when giving comment and advice on a non-specific basis, we cannot assume legal responsibility for the accuracy of any particular statement. In the case of specific problems we recommend that professional advice be sought.


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