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Question: What do right to work checks, workforce planning, building resilience and leading remote teams have in common?

Answer: these are all topics our HR Training Academy have been training on over the last quarter!

Virtual Training 2

It has been a busy last quarter for our HR Training Academy.  Clients, managers and delegates have really embraced virtual training and are including more of it within their learning and development programmes.  The shorter sessions offer flexibility of attendance which suits busy managers and leaders.  Smaller groups also allow for greater discussions and learning objectives to be met.  HR professionals have enjoyed networking with other likeminded professionals, sharing experiences and discussing practice points at our open courses. 
At our first webinar of 2021, Chris Harber, our new Head of Immigration and I discussed HR Trends for 2021 to a live audience of over 110. A big thank you to all who joined us live.  For those unable to join us live,  you can view our webinar on YouTube HERE

If you want to encourage Board, HR or leadership training within your organisation but don’t know where to start, then why not try our new, virtual “mini- masterclasses” sessions, focusing on core focus topics. We’re using online polls, Q A’s, case studies, small focused break outs and chats panels to engage with the audience and answer their questions as we would do face to face. We are able to – and have - delivered training using client’s preferred meeting platforms or our through own. Live/recorded and/or bespoke sessions are available focusing on your businesses’ key training needs; however, we also have ready to play courses - a great way to work round your people’s working hours if a fixed start time does not suit. 

Training is a great way to engage your people at a time where there can be a disconnect to the place of work. Training can support a business’s culture which is so important at this time.  

Here are some examples.

Immigration and Workforce Planning 

What is the impact of Brexit on the UK's immigration system?  Who can now legally work in the UK?  What questions can you ask new recruits about their right to work and what are the latest rules on right to work checks? These are all topics covered off in our immigration and workface planning courses.  Our Immigration Team have been busy training HR teams, recruiters and leaders this month!  Our practical interactive and engaging courses will  help to ensure your staff fully understand the latest rules on  immigration and workforce planning, and ensure your practices and policies are compliant. From January 2021, if we recruit  new staff from outside the UK you will required a Skilled Worker licence. What is this? What new responsibilities does it bring and what record keeping and reporting duties do you need to comply with.  Our compliance courses help your staff understand their sponsor duties and the consequences of non-compliance to ensure your business, your employees and your Licence is protected.

Creating a Working Balance

As we find ourselves in another lockdown and as remote or hybrid working patterns looks set to become part of the norm, do you or a colleague(s) need help in balancing and managing the working day? Remote working can be a challenge; however, our session focuses on how individuals can create a better working balance and routine or help others achieve it.  We focus on making remote working sustainable for your people, your stakeholders and your business now and in the future.

Leading and Managing Remote Teams mini-masterclass hits Number 10

Since launching a Leading and Managing Remote Teams course back in October 2020 as an HR training workshop, we have now delivered this course 10 times!  It is incredible to think that 100 managers from such diverse sectors as professional services, motor industry, technology and leisure and hospitality have discussed their leadership experiences and learned the tips and techniques necessary to lead their teams and 1:1s effectively and remotely.  Now is a great time to reflect over the last few months and discuss what has worked and what has not, putting remote working plans in place for 2021 and beyond.

Equality and Diversity

Employers have not stopped driving their equality and diversity programmes forward during lockdowns.  New issues arise with colleagues being out of sight.  The risks from social media, instant messaging and online are now more prevalent as we communicate virtually. Pre-recorded employee-wide webinars have been really popular focusing on the importance of equality/diversity within the workplace as well as the risks of discrimination and harassment have been really popular. 

Building Resilience at Work

Mental health and wellbeing issues are high up on the HR agenda for 2021.  We have been running a series of training courses, webinars and workshops focusing on stress, building resilience and wellbeing at work.  Our courses on building resilience have been very popular.  Resilience is just like developing any other skill, it needs awareness, focus and practice. It’s about building a capacity to cope especially in changing or uncertain times, changing our mindset and develop the skills we need to thrive in a new working environment. 

Redundancies and Staff Representative Training

Workforce planning was a feature of 2020 and as we move forward into 2021 and continued uncertainty, we are still providing clients with redundancy and workforce planning training.  This includes help with training staff representatives.  

Join us, subscribe to our webinars, receive invites to our “mini-masterlcasses”, listen to our podcasts.

Consistent with our policy when giving comment and advice on a non-specific basis, we cannot assume legal responsibility for the accuracy of any particular statement. In the case of specific problems we recommend that professional advice be sought.


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Our courses, webinars, coaching programmes and podcasts are all on our website. Training really does invest in your people and supports their development, builds community and encourages discussion. To discuss leadership, legal or compliance training whether this be in-house or joining one of our public courses then get in touch on [email protected]

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