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Family law

Organised by the Family Mediation Council (FMC), Family Mediation Week is an annual campaign aimed at raising awareness of family mediation and how it can help families experiencing separation or relationship breakdown.

In 2022, the week runs from 17th to 21st January and there are a variety of resources being shared by mediators nationwide throughout the week to help let more people know about the benefits of family mediation and encourage separating couples to consider it.

Boyes Turner will be joining the campaign and we will be sharing resources and information throughout the week to:

  • Explain what family mediation is and how it works
  • Highlight some of the many benefits of family mediation
  • Help anyone experiencing or considering separation to explore whether mediation is right for them
  • Answer some of the most common questions about mediation
  • Explain the mediation services we offer

Here at Boyes Turner we are passionate about helping people to resolve problems and we see family mediation as a key way of achieving that in the context of family law issues. As a process, mediation can offer the gold standard for resolving family law matters as it provides a way of helping people to take control, to make decisions together and to build a positive future for their family.

Paul Linsell, head of our family law team, is a highly experienced mediator and is fully accredited with the FMC and The Law Society, having conducted his mediation training via Resolution many years ago. Paul had this to say about Family Mediation Week:

“I hope that by promoting mediation during family mediation week that more people going through or considering separation will be aware of the help a mediator can offer. Mediation really works, with nationwide statistics showing that an agreement is reached in over 70% of cases. The process is also less stressful, quicker and cheaper than going to court. Even for those cases where a full agreement isn’t reached, the couple involved are likely to have narrowed the issues to the point where any further process needed is more straightforward and less costly than it would otherwise have been.”

If you have any questions about mediation then please get in touch; we would be happy to cover any frequently asked questions in the content we are sharing before the end of the week. Alternatively, we are happy to have a free, no obligation discussion with you to explore whether mediation is right for you and to respond personally to any questions that relate to your specific circumstances.

Get in touch

If you have any questions relating to this article or on family mediation, please contact Paul Linsell on +44 (0)118 952 7104 or [email protected].

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