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Timing and Inheritance Tax: what should I consider before making a lifetime gift?
Inheritance Tax applies primarily on death but also to gifts made within 7 years of death, subject to any applicable exemptions and reliefs. It is therefore important for an individual to consider what implications gifts made during their lifetime may have for inheritance tax purposes.
Nec vi, nec clam, nec precario
It is said that when the Land Registry introduced compulsory registration of land in 1925 a quarter of the solicitors practising in England and Wales at the time retired, as they believed no good could come of the new “Registered Land” regime.
Business Support and Insolvency Autumn round up
Four months on from our inaugural newsletter – and where do we start?? Read on to find out more from our Business Support and Insolvency team
Avoiding a work Christmas party HR hangover
While most work Christmas parties pass without a hitch, there are a few each year which create an HR hangover...
A Will is not just for Christmas … or for the rich
In September 2019 research carried out by the Remember a Charity consortium revealed that almost one third of British people believed they only needed to make a will if they were very rich.  The research also revealed that almost 2/3 of adults across the UK do not have a will.  Many are unaware of the potential flexibility of will writing and nearly 2 in 5 (37%) assume their estate will automatically pass to their partner and children.
Option v Conditional Contract
As arguably one of the pre-eminent legal minds of my generation currently dealing with residential property development in the greater Caversham area Bob Daniels is often asked to comment on the pressing legal issues of the day...
Setting aside a default judgment – are you in trouble?
It is common in money claims for a claimant to obtain a default county court judgment against a defendant who has failed to either pay the debt or file an admission or defence within the prescribed court rule deadlines (usually within 14 days, or 28 days if an acknowledgment of service has been filed).
TUPE Grows limbs
According to 2201909/2018 Dewhurst v Revisecatch Limited, an Employment Tribunal (ET) decision handed down on 27 November 2019, this understanding is wrong, and workers are protected under TUPE.
It's time to talk about... training
At Boyes Turner we are finding more of our clients using employment training and coaching as a way equipping managers with the tools to deal with difficult personnel issues, whilst also developing key management skills.
CIL indexation now publicly available
One of the recent series of reforms of CIL which took effect in September 2019 was a decision to make this index public. Derek Ching discusses...

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