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2020 Training
Are you tired of the same old training routines? Do you want to feel inspired and energised with a “can do” approach to people management? Do you want to kick start 2020 with a new people training programme?
2019 - What did we learn?
2019 was another busy year for claims challenging the validity of wills so as we start a new year and indeed, a new decade I look back at some of the big cases from 2019 and review what we have learnt from them.
Ethical veganism held to be a philosophical belief by the Equality Act 2010
Is ethical veganism a “philosophical belief” protected under the Equality Act 2010?
Executors: what are the key responsibilities?
A family member or friend may choose to appoint you to administer their estate and carry out the provisions of their Will. If you choose to accept the role, there are a number of key responsibilities which may arise during the process.
What to expect in 2020…
Phew, 2019 is nearly at an end! With the drama of the Election out of the way and Brexit, in some form, now looking far more certain, we can start to look at what the future holds with more certainty...
Incoterms 2020 – Have you prepared for the changes? 
The new Incoterms rules will become effective on 1 January 2020. The rules were published in September so organisations involved in the international sale of goods have had plenty of time to prepare themselves for the changes.
Supreme Court Decision Concerning Town and Village Greens
The Supreme Court recently handed down an important decision affecting the registration of town and village greens.
Timing and Inheritance Tax: what should I consider before making a lifetime gift?
Inheritance Tax applies primarily on death but also to gifts made within 7 years of death, subject to any applicable exemptions and reliefs. It is therefore important for an individual to consider what implications gifts made during their lifetime may have for inheritance tax purposes.
Nec vi, nec clam, nec precario
It is said that when the Land Registry introduced compulsory registration of land in 1925 a quarter of the solicitors practising in England and Wales at the time retired, as they believed no good could come of the new “Registered Land” regime.
Business Support and Insolvency Autumn round up
Four months on from our inaugural newsletter – and where do we start?? Read on to find out more from our Business Support and Insolvency team

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