It's time to talk about... training
As busy HR Professionals, management training can often take a back seat; however, with the spring legislative changes taking effect now is the time to set out your training agendas for the financial year ahead. At Boyes Turner we are finding more of our clients using employment training as a way equipping managers with the tools to deal with difficult personnel issues, whilst also developing key management skills. To find out more about employment law training for managers and how training can raise your management standards read on...
Employer redundancy payments - can they become an implied contractual term?
In general, when making an employee redundant, employers need only think about statutory redundancy payments and contractual termination clauses. However, some employers offer enhanced discretionary redundancy packages, often in exchange for the employee signing a settlement agreement...
Two common questions
In this article we answer two common questions asked in bankruptcy and liquidation situations...
Surrogacy Rights
A key employment issue for 2014 concerns the rights of women in a surrogacy arrangement. The question of who is entitled to maternity or adoption leave – the surrogate or the receiving mother – is a tricky one. These key questions were referred to the European Court; with opposing Advocate Generals’ opinions, which way would the coin fall? We report on this issue…
Your Will: the overlooked bucket-list item
Boyes Turner Solicitors in Reading are working with Marie Curie Cancer Care to offer a Free Will to people aged 55 +. The offer is open until 31st May 2014...
Boyes Turner & STEP
Three members of the Boyes Turner Wealth Protection team are members of the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners, find out what this means for your will here...
Landlords and Insolvency Practitioners - A level playing field at last?
Following the recent years of dissatisfaction with the law on the parts of both landlords and Insolvency Practitioners, the Court of Appeal has recently clarified the law as to what rent landlords of tenants in administration (or liquidation) can claim as an expense of the administration...
Final written warnings
Can a tribunal look at the reasonableness of a final written warning when assessing the fairness of a later dismissal? The Court of Appeal discussed this issue in the case of Adegobola v Marks & Spencer Plc..
National minimum wage update
This week we focus on recent developments in the area of the National Minimum Wage, including new rates recently published which take effect from October 2014...
April Changes
6th April marks a key date in the employment legislative calendar. For details of what changes to expect from this April, read on...

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