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Does covertly recording a meeting count as misconduct?
In a recent case, the Employment Appeal Tribunal was asked to decide whether an employee covertly recording a meeting can be classed as misconduct? Peter Olszewski discusses...
Airbnb lettings - continuing challenge for developers and owners
A recent planning inquiry decision has emphasised the difference under planning law between a normal residential property and a property used to provide holiday accommodation, in this case for short term accommodation by visitors using Airbnb to book accommodation.  
Marriott and BA fined by ICO – what the message is:
There was a naïve hope that the ICO would approach enforcing the new GDPR as gently as it had initially approached the same under the DPA, way back in 1998; some gentle fines and reminders to comply with the law, but basically, as long as you “had a go”, tried to comply, that would be acceptable. 
A Condition - To be or not to be?
In the recent case of Naylor & Another V Barlow & Others, the High Court at Manchester had to consider two difficult questions on the law of wills:
Does your business have a whistleblowing policy?
A 2019 whitepaper has revealed that 35% of UK businesses surveyed online have no system in place for whistleblowing. Peter Olszewski takes us through the paper...
Can a business continue to trade after a Director's death?
You may think that any business can continue to trade after the death of a director but this is not necessarily always the case.
The importance of taking expert advice on HR and employment law matters
A recent Employment Tribunal (“ET”) decision has ruled that a pregnant woman was automatically unfairly dismissed following her announcement to her employer that she was pregnant.
Growth in corporates using co-working space ‘could pose issues in the future without planning’
The growth in popularity of co-working space could begin to pose problems for businesses unless they forward plan more effectively and understand the issues they could face, a seminar in Reading has heard.
No contract - no payment! Risk proceeding without a contract at your peril
The High Court has clarified the position regarding quantum meruit claims in the recent case of Moorgate Capital v H.I.G. European Capital Partners LLP [2019] EWHC 1421 (Comm). In the absence of a contract there is no automatic right to payment for services, even for requested services. A party will not automatically be granted payment on a quantum meruit basis (i.e. a reasonable sum) for the work carried out, and is unlikely to succeed in such a case if it is found to have taken the risk of not being paid in pursuit of its own advantage.
Should designers buck up their ideas?
There are many cases where infringement of intellectual property is done with no intent or malice.  In particular people in the creative fields can fall foul of someone else’s copyright where the wrong is not deliberate plagiarism but has come about because of human frailties, subliminal collection of information an unconscious cues.

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