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Protecting Charities' Inheritances
Figures released at the end of September 2019 to mark the 10th anniversary of “Remember a Charity” week suggests that the number of people leaving gifts to charities in their wills has increased year on year since the campaign was first launched.  In 2018 some £3billion was donated to charities in wills an increase of about 50% since 2008.
Boyes Turner listed as one of Britain's finest in prestigious listing
Boyes Turner has again been listed among the best legal businesses in the country in a prestigious national roll of honour - The Times Best Law Firm's 2020.
New IR35 Laws and how they will impact your business
Jemille Gibson and Barry Stanton discuss the changes in the IR35 tax laws. However, it has not been an issue for businesses employing contractors until now. However, there is a seismic shift about to take place.
TUPE: Really “Permanent” Health Insurance
Jemille Gibson and Michael Farrier discuss employees who TUPE transfer from one employer (the “transferor”), to another (the “transferee”), must transfer on the exact same terms and conditions, under TUPE.
Boyes Turner CEO announces plans to retire as business reports strong half year
Boyes Turner's CEO Andrew Chalkley has announced plans to retire from the specialist tech law firm in 18 months' time...
An Update on the Law on Electronic Signatures 
Last month the Law Commission published its Report on the electronic execution of documents. Although the law in England and Wales has always recognised a range of signatures – including initials, pictures and printed names – the emergence of digital “smart contracts” in recent years has led to uncertainty about what constitutes a valid method of signature, and in particular, the legal status of electronic signatures. 
Intra-group reorganisations in the technology sector
As new technologies continue to emerge and develop rapidly, many entrepreneurial businesses operating in the same or neighbouring sectors will often expand their foothold in the market by way of acquiring their competitors or up and coming start-ups making noises in their respective field.
Sleep deprivation and the tech solutions
One of the issues discussed at our HR conference last month was the importance of sleep. Our guest speaker, Geraldine Joaquim from Mind Your Business, discussed how organisations can recognise sleep as a foundation for well-being and support their employees in getting a good night's sleep. 
The battle of Asda
The supermarket, Asda, is currently locked in a battle with approximately 12,000 of its staff, represented by the GMB trade union, who have refused to sign new employment contracts.
HR Conference – Achieving Sustainable Workplace Productivity – What we learned
Our London HR Conference last week brought together speakers from legal, corporate, wellbeing and academia to share their thoughts on how we can encourage and support productivity in the workplace.

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