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Employers must record working time: Judgment from the Court of Justice of the European Union
With unerring timing the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) has linked metal health, working time and Brexit all into one judgment during mental health awareness month. Rachael Brenchley takes us through the facts...
Brexit update for Irish Citizens
Good news was announced for Irish Citizens living and working in the UK (and British Citizens living and working in Ireland) as the UK and Irish governments agreed and signed a Memorandum of Understanding last week.
Accessing a Deceased's Digital Accounts
Ten years or so ago we all kept our photographs of family, friends and our exploits in hard bound leather albums which were readily accessible to all members of the family even after someone had died. These days, however, most of us keep them in the cloud or on some form of social media platform.
Parental bereavement: New guidance
From April 2020 bereaved parents will be entitled to paid leave under the Parental Bereavement (Leave and Pay) Act 2018...
Income tops £15m for first time at Boyes Turner
The chief executive of Boyes Turner says ‘an exceptional year for an exceptional team’ has seen profits increase by more than 20% while revenue exceeded £15m for the first time in the law firm’s history.
Why Productivity?
Our Employment Group’s HR strategic topic for 2019 is “Productivity” - Emma O’Connor, Head of Training - discusses why.
Three solicitors promoted to become legal directors at Boyes Turner
The chief executive of Boyes Turner has praised the contribution of a trio of solicitors to the leading regional firm’s success as they were promoted to become legal directors.
Gender pay gap reporting: One year on
The deadline for private sector companies with more than 250 employees to submit their gender pay gap data was 4 April 2019. The results are in...
Cover pricing in the construction industry
In 2008 the Office of Fair Trading imposed fines of £129.2 million on 103 construction firms which it found had colluded with competitors when pricing building contracts. The fines resulted from what was, at the time, the OFT’s largest investigation under the Competition Act 1998. The practice known as “cover pricing” was found to be widespread within the industry. Given the press attention the case received at the time, the high profile names of some of the companies involved and the level of fines (even though a number were substantially reduced on appeal), there was an expectation that the industry would learn its lesson. That appears not to have been the case in light of a recent Competition and Markets Authority (“CMA”) decision.
Selling your tech company: Earn-Out Pricing Mechanisms
A successful tech business will inevitably attract attention from would be suitors and so at some point, the founding shareholders will be required to make a decision as to the extent to which they want to retain autonomy for driving its day-to-day operations and the level of their own investment going forwards. 

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