I don’t need a will? Think again!
Whilst it is a subject that is often shied away from and not discussed in families given the nature of my practice, I often ask family and friends whether they’ve made a will. All too often the reply I receive is “I don’t need a will”. This may true in some cases but not in the majority of cases. It is a common misunderstanding that only the rich need a will but this is simply not the case. Whilst in many cases the primary reason for making a will is to deal with the distribution of any assets of monetary values, this is not the sole reason.
Remote working from overseas: the top 5 issues for Employers
The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented numbers of employees working from home and some employees may even have chosen to work remotely from overseas. Employees may think that their location doesn’t really matter, however, it may in fact result in a legal headache for their employer. In this week’s article Jessica Clough and Barry Stanton take a look at the legal implications for employers of having employees working for them from abroad.
Budget 2021: Chancellor announces further immigration reform
The budget is not normally somewhere that Global Mobility professionals look to for policy reform, however the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, announced a number of changes to the UK immigration system in Wednesday’s budget.
Has the pandemic forced more people to prepare DIY or online wills?
The unprecedented times of the last 12 months have forced people to grasp the “new normal” of conducting their lives online. Many of us are working remotely and in our personal and professional lives are conducting video chats with clients or to catch up with family and friends, participating in other household activities and formalities online. This includes the preparation of legal documents, which in many cases has been seen as a good thing but what about in the case of wills?
Business Interruption Insurance and the Supreme Court
Many businesses take out business interruption insurance each year to protect them in the event that their business operations are interrupted.  The coronavirus pandemic has caused business disruption across the country in a manner which is unprecedented.  Unsurprisingly many businesses which had taken out interruption insurance have sought to rely on the cover when making a claim.  
A welcome step towards certainty for businesses transferring data from the EU to the UK
The European Commission has published its draft adequacy decision in respect of the UK, which is an important step towards the continued free flow of personal data from the EEA to the UK. Amir Kousari, Senior Associate and data protection expert at tech law firm Boyes Turner explains the implications.
What the latest Budget announcement means for employers
In this week’s people in focus Jessica Clough and Barry Stanton reflect on the Chancellor’s latest Budget proposals and what they mean for employers as the country starts to move out of lockdown.
Returning to the office – key issues to consider
As lockdown eases and more businesses consider bringing employees back into offices, there are some key issues that business owners need to be mindful of. Nick Carter (Head of Commercial Property) along with David Thomas (Occupier Advisory) at Vail Williams LLP take us through some of the key topics including employment issues and the pros and cons of working from home.  
Uber Workers: Supreme Court Strikes at Uber’s Business Model
In the culmination of a saga beginning with an Employment Tribunal preliminary hearing held in July 2016, The Supreme Court on 19 February 2021 handed down its judgment in Uber BV v Aslam [2021] UKSC 5, confirming (like the Court of Appeal, Employment Appeal Tribunal and Employment Tribunal before it), that drivers for Uber have worker status, and they are not, as Uber had claimed, independent contractors.
A tenants’ guide to reducing business space
Widespread working from home due to the Covid19 pandemic has prompted many organisations to consider reducing their business space. Nick Carter (Head of Commercial Property) and Russell May (Head of Property Dispute Resolution) at Boyes Turner, along with David Thomas (Occupier Advisory) at Vail Williams LLP take us through some of the key issues and outline the options available for most commercial tenants.

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