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Boyes Turner & STEP
Three members of the Boyes Turner Wealth Protection team are members of the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners, find out what this means for your will here...
Landlords and Insolvency Practitioners - A level playing field at last?
Following the recent years of dissatisfaction with the law on the parts of both landlords and Insolvency Practitioners, the Court of Appeal has recently clarified the law as to what rent landlords of tenants in administration (or liquidation) can claim as an expense of the administration...
Final written warnings
Can a tribunal look at the reasonableness of a final written warning when assessing the fairness of a later dismissal? The Court of Appeal discussed this issue in the case of Adegobola v Marks & Spencer Plc..
National minimum wage update
This week we focus on recent developments in the area of the National Minimum Wage, including new rates recently published which take effect from October 2014...
April Changes
6th April marks a key date in the employment legislative calendar. For details of what changes to expect from this April, read on...
The end of discrimination questionnaires
The formal statutory questionnaire procedure in discrimination cases is being abolished with effect from 6 April 2014 to be replaced with a new informal ‘question-style’ process. We report on these changes and how employers should deal with questions posed by questioners post-April...
ET R.I.P…?
Last week saw the first set of truly indicative statistics published by the Employment Tribunal Service since the introduction of fees last Summer. Has the introduction of fees made any difference to the numbers of claims being brought? To find out more, read on …
Reforms to Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 – March 2014
The government plans to cut the amount of time some offenders need to disclose details of ‘low level’ convictions. We report on these plans which come into force on 10th March...
Rate changes from 6th April 2014
The Government has announced new compensation limits from 6th April 2014. We report on these new rate rises...
Senior President of the Employment Tribunals’ Publishes Annual Report
The last 12 months have seen many changes to the Employment Tribunal Service with the introduction of heavily revised Rules, fees and changes to the levels of unfair dismissal compensation. The effects of these changes have been set out in the Senior President of the Tribunals’ Annual Report – we report on his observations...

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