Employment mediation

We have a number of experienced mediators who are available to help facilitate a negotiated outcome to disputes between employees and employers. Our mediation service provides a route to solving employment-related disputes faster, more cost-effectively and more constructively than litigation.

Our services cover two key issues:

Workplace mediation

The group is experienced in workplace mediation. We understand that employers want to minimise disruption to the workplace and to productivity. You want to deal with the problem as constructively as possible and minimise the potential for relationship breakdown. Workplace mediation is a potentially effective solution - especially at the early stages of a dispute. It offers the chance of a solution to problems before battle-lines become deeply drawn and unbridgeable.

Legal mediation

If an employer ends up as a party to a claim in the tribunal or another court, we are able to act as mediators in formal mediations or represent the employer at a mediation. The benefits of a mediated settlement are clear - costs are minimised and the matter can be resolved at an early stage, avoiding loss of management time and business focus.

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For more information about Boyes Turner’s employment services please contact us at [email protected] or call 0118 952 7284.

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