Corporate, shareholder and partnership disputes

Differences in the boardroom, protection of shareholder interests and deadlock between partners are all too common issues that are referred to our Dispute Resolution service either by one of the parties concerned or their accountants. The primary aim is to resolve the dispute in a way that maximises the value in the business caught up in the dispute for our client's benefit. Whether the issue is a failed joint venture, unfair prejudice shown to minority shareholder or warring partners with opposing views on how the business should move forward, pragmatic and commercial advice geared to achieving a cost effective solution will be provided.

Broad experience of successfully resolving disputes in the following areas has helped many clients out of a non-productive or destructive situation and return to being able to concentrate on profitably running their organisation:

  • Mergers and acquisition disputes including breach of warranty claims.
  • Shareholder disputes including minority shareholder actions and shareholder deadlock.
  • Directors' duty claims against errant directors.
  • Partnership disputes.

The key is to quickly formulate a strategy having identified the main drivers and true motivations of the parties involved. It is important though to remain flexible and alive to opportunities that may present themselves for an innovative resolution outside of the often blunt instrument remedies available to the court in formal proceedings.

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