Mediation can often be the most appropriate method for parties caught up in a dispute or litigation to achieve a fast and cost effective solution.

Mediation is one of a range of alternative dispute resolution services that are provided. It is a unique method that empowers those involved through facilitated negotiation to reach agreement rather than the disputing parties having to face a lengthy, stressful and expensive litigation process. Litigation is uncertain and involves an imposed outcome which might be unpredictable and ultimately unacceptable for one or both parties.

Our mediators

The Mediation team has wide ranging experience in resolving disputes. The greatest single factor in determining the success of mediation is the parties' willingness to come to an agreement. A number of factors can place major obstacles in the way of the parties.

Its accredited mediators will work hard at removing such obstacles and fostering an environment for the parties to reach a settlement while at the same time testing the parties on the strengths and weaknesses of their positions.

Mediation representation

The Mediation service's lawyers have considerable experience in representing parties in mediation, usually without the need for attendance by a barrister.

Courts are actively encouraging disputing parties to use mediation, and in some cases applying costs sanctions against those who unreasonably refuse to mediate.

Mediation is a powerful tool but it is not appropriate in all cases. Even when mediation may have a useful role to play care should be taken to ensure that any invitation to mediate should be made at the right time and in the right circumstances. Often this will be early in a dispute but not always.

Mediation suite

Reading is an ideal location for mediations. It is served by good transport links and is just 25 minutes from London. Within the firm's central Reading offices, five minutes by foot from the train station and with on site parking, mediation suites are available to parties and their representatives. These are air conditioned rooms and on site catering, conference call facilities and email and internet access is available.

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