Divorce and Separation

If you are experiencing difficulties in a relationship and are considering divorce or separation, it is likely you are experiencing a stressful and emotional time. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with these sensitive situations and offer a bespoke service that can be adapted to provide the support that you need. 

We will provide clear advice that is tailored to your circumstances and goals, designed to empower you to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Divorce is rarely the only option available and is often seen as a last resort. We can advise on all of the options that are available to you and provide you with a service that is discreet, sensitive to your circumstances and always individual to you.  

If you are contemplating divorce or separation, it is sensible to seek specialist advice as early as possible to discuss the options and consider what, if any, immediate actions may be required. 

Taking early advice will often help to avoid complications later, particularly with financial arrangements. For example, there may be a need to consider the risk of assets being transferred or disposed of by your partner, tax considerations linked to the date of separation or other potential changes in circumstances. 

If there is any international element to your marriage or finances, then it is essential to take early advice due to potentially vast differences in outcome depending on which jurisdiction any divorce is pursued in. 

In any event, early advice will also equip you with knowledge and an understanding of the issues, which will often assist in making whatever path you choose feel less daunting. In most cases, this will also enable progress in the most cost-effective manner.

If you decide to proceed with divorce this can take 6-12 months and, depending on the circumstances, there can be much to consider. This can include financial matters and, if you have children, agreeing any arrangements that are in their best interest. 


  • Arrangements for children
  • Financial arrangements
  • Business interests on divorce
  • Pensions and trust assets
  • Unmarried families
  • Domestic abuse and injunctions
  • Family mediation

Our approach

We adopt a holistic approach and, as well as advising on all the legal considerations, we are also able to signpost you to other services that may be beneficial, such as counselling, financial advice, coaching to ensure you have the full support you require. 

As part of a full-service law firm, we are also able to regularly draw on expertise in other areas of law to ensure every angle is covered, from property to business interests.

You can keep control of costs

We work hard to provide the services you need in a cost-effective manner, and we are flexible about how you instruct us, which means you can keep control of the costs. 

We appreciate the need for you to be fully informed at all times, so will ensure you are continuously updated on all aspects of your matter throughout, including on all costs and future cost estimates.

To find out more about how we can help, please call us on +44 (0)118 959 7711 or email [email protected]


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