Financial arrangements

Our team have the expertise and understanding to assist you every step of the way, no matter how complex your situation is.

Resolving the financial issues that arise on divorce or separation is often the most contentious part of the process. It is common for issues like deciding who gets what to feel overwhelming and confusing. Given the practical implications that flow from financial matters, it is often the biggest issue that keeps people awake at night. 

We have the experience and expertise to help you untangle matters and find the clarity that you seek. Our priority is to help you find effective solutions for you and your family.

Getting the timing right

Timing can be important if you are divorcing or separating and can have an impact on the financial aspects. For example, if you are divorcing it is vital to address financial matters at the same time as the divorce. Many people are surprised to learn, that unless all financial claims against one another are properly dismissed they will remain open indefinitely until death or remarriage, notwithstanding any final decree in the divorce itself. It may also be possible to mitigate tax consequences if early advice is taken in relation to managing the financial aspects of separation or divorce.


We have extensive experience of dealing with cases of any size, including specialist experience in dealing with the following:

  • Business interests on divorce
  • Trust assets
  • Pensions
  • Complex income structures
  • Unmarried families (including cohabitation disputes)
  • Enforcement of orders and agreements
  • Emergency financial remedies

Our approach

As well as addressing financial matters on divorce or separation we also have extensive experience of protecting assets and wealth. Whether it be via a pre- or post- nuptial agreement or a cohabitation agreement, we can guide you and your family to ensure everyone understands the financial circumstances and that expectations are managed carefully to help avoid any future dispute.

There is no set formula for how finances should be divided on divorce. It is a myth that in most cases the outcome will be a 50:50 division. There are a complex range of factors that must be considered, and we have the expertise to guide you through these.

Even if you believe your circumstances are straightforward, it is advisable to seek specialist advice early on to ensure you avoid committing to anything that may be prejudicial to you. It may be that matters are as straightforward as you believe and that you will only require limited further assistance, but we will also be able to guide you on issues you may not otherwise have considered and to ensure you progress in the most appropriate and cost-effective manner.

We recognise that while financial matters are important, they are often only part of a complex equation in the event of separation or divorce. We will therefore work with you to seek to resolve disputes efficiently, with dignity and where applicable in a child-centred manner. 

Where possible we will strive to resolve matters through effective negotiation and we are expert in assisting through processes such as mediation, round table meetings and all other mechanisms of dispute resolution. 

A court process is rarely the best way forward, but should litigation become necessary we have vast experience of achieving successful outcomes through court action and work closely with a variety of barristers chambers, including the top-ranked London chambers, to ensure you always have the service and expertise you require.

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