How can you prepare for Brexit?

Following the EU referendum result on Thursday 23 June 2016 and the subsequent triggering by Theresa May of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on 29 March 2017, uncertainty has reigned. The 29 March 2019, dubbed Brexit day, and the day when the UK is due to leave the EU, is fast approaching and much still remains uncertain. It remains to be seen whether that date will be extended, whether the UK is faced with a no deal Brexit, or if an agreement can be reached which gives rise to a two-year transition period.

Against the backdrop of uncertainty, many businesses are already making preparations for the challenges and opportunities that Brexit will bring. Our lawyers have been speaking to clients as they undertake audits and prepare for a future outside of the EU.

Four things you should be doing to prepare for Brexit

1. Read the ‘No deal’ Technical Notices relevant to your sector

Technical Notices set out the Government’s guidance on how to prepare for Brexit if there is no deal. They provide information on the current progress of Brexit negotiations and give guidance on the procedures that the UK government intends to follow if there is a no deal Brexit.

2. Carry out an internal audit 

We have been working with clients to prepare for Brexit.  There is a lot that you can be doing to start to consider how your suppliers, customer base and employees will be affected.

The British Chambers of Commerce provide a checklist and Brexit Risk Register that give useful information for those carrying out audits and preparing for Brexit.

3.    Undertake workforce planning 

A large number of companies in the UK employ workers from the EU. Our employment team can help your business analyse your workforce composition and assess what you should do to minimise the impact on your business post Brexit, including support and advice in registering as a Licensed Sponsor. For help in preparing your workforce for Brexit get in touch.

4.    Run Brexit support surgeries for employees

With the current uncertainty it is important that businesses support and reassure their existing EU staff. Our specialist lawyers will attend your offices and help your staff with their settled or pre-settled status applications and answer any questions they may have about immigration policy. For assistance from our Business Immigration group contact us.

If you would like assistance in preparing for Brexit and any potential impact it may have upon your organisation then get in touch.

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