Leisure and hospitality

The leisure and hospitality industry is one of the UK's largest and employs over three million people. As industries go, not many can claim to be as influenced by public economic confidence. 

With the British economy returning to growth, businesses in the industry are seeing an increase in demand for their services and are dealing with a range of issues including: 

  • Gaining and maintaining customer loyalty
  • Attracting and managing talent
  • Appealing to ever changing tastes and demands (including the rising importance of generation "Y")
  • Leveraging new communication channels and technology
  • Innovating in what is already a fast paced environment
  • Taking advantage of the sharing economy

Boyes Turner acts for the full spectrum of companies operating in this industry. The leisure and hospitality team brings together experts from across the firm and has a track record of helping small independent operators through to multinationals deal with these issues and take advantage of the opportunities that are available.

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With the leisure and hospitality industry being faced with illegal working fines, Boyes Turner are here to help, read the Employment teams advice here.

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Hotelier’s liability to protect guests against injury

Does a hotel owe a duty of care to guests to take reasonable care to protect them against injury caused by the criminal acts of third parties?  Yes said the High Court in the recent case of Al-Najar & Others V The Cumberland Hotel (London) Ltd [2019].  However, having reviewed the evidence on the facts of this case the court did not consider that the hotel was in breach of that duty.

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How the Leisure & Hospitality industry can embrace the zero waste revolution

Blue Planet II, which aired in 2017, highlighted how our use of plastics was causing irreparable damage to our eco systems and polluting the seas. The public outcry created what has now been dubbed the “Blue Planet effect”...

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Disclosure Pilot Scheme

The question of legal costs in dealing with disclosure of documents in court proceedings has been a bone of contention for many years with various amendments to the court rules over the last 20 years or so with a view to attempting to reduce costs.  All have failed so as we now see the introduction of yet another new pilot scheme, I review the scheme and consider the extent to which I think it will achieve it’s main objectives, namely to reduce costs.

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Development & House Building workshop

16/09/2019 - BY INVITE ONLY: Boyes Turner partner Derek Ching will lead discussions to cover topics such as how to make selling new homes easier, and help to buy procedures - things to watch out for.

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Strategies tech companies are using to facilitate growth: Going international

18/09/2019 - Technology companies look to expand overseas for different reasons. Some companies will be exploring new markets or following their customers overseas; others may look at building overseas teams to fill gaps in their talent pool.

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Employment Webinar: Case Law update

19/09/2019 - Our September webinar focuses on recent employment cases hitting the headlines from both the UK and European courts.

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