Estate planning

A full estate planning exercise can be carried to enable clients to plan effectively for now and for the future using legitimate tax avoidance strategies to pass on wealth as tax efficiently as possible.

Through a combination of making a tax efficient will, signing Powers of Attorney and the careful use of trusts where appropriate, we can help clients to protect and pass on their wealth.

In particular, we can help business owners to structure their affairs to provide for family succession if relevant, to ensure that steps are taken to maximise tax reliefs and to extract the value of business interests from an estate for the benefit of family and relatives. Assistance can also be provided in the suitable structuring of life insurance policies, death in service benefits and pension death benefits.

Where appropriate we can also work with existing or other financial advisors and accountants to ensure that everything is ‘joined up’ and clients have the best and most efficient estate plan possible.

What shall I do next?

For more information on our estate planning services please get in touch with our expert Wills, Trusts and Probate team at [email protected].

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The unprecedented times of the last 12 months have forced people to grasp the “new normal” of conducting their lives online. Many of us are working remotely and in our personal and professional lives are conducting video chats with clients or to catch up with family and friends, participating in other household activities and formalities online. This includes the preparation of legal documents, which in many cases has been seen as a good thing but what about in the case of wills?

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