A family member or close friend passing away is often a  difficult time for most people. An experienced and sympathetic member of our team can help guide clients through the probate process quickly and with minimal disruption.

Before the assets within a person’s estate can be gathered in and transferred according to the terms of their will, all of the assets and liabilities in the estate have to be identified, tax returns completed and it may be in the case of an estate liable for inheritance tax that some tax must be paid before a grant of probate can be applied for.

A grant of probate is effectively a court order from the probate registry which allows an estate’s executors or administrators to discharge liabilities and transfer ownership of the assets.

To help clients in this process we provide a free one-hour initial meeting at the firm’s Reading office to help them understand the process and provide general advice on the procedures that will need to be followed.

Greater assistance is available in more complex high-value estates if required. This regularly includes estates with a foreign element or where there is a partnership interest or a shareholding in private company or agricultural land.

Where there are trusts contained within a will, we team can advise the trustees on the establishment, administration and taxation of the trust structure.

What shall I do next?

For advice on any of our probate services please get in touch with our expert wealth protection team at [email protected].

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A cautionary warning for executors

Executors and administrators (if the deceased died without a will) have a legal duty to administer the deceased’s estate to ensure all debts are paid and the net estate then distributed to beneficiaries in accordance with the deceased’s will or the rules of intestacy if there was no will.

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