Making a will is a fundamental part of any financial or estate planning. By making a will it is possible to ensure that an estate passes in accordance with wishes upon a person’s death rather than the rules of intestacy which would apply if they were to die without making a will.

A carefully drafted will can also achieve the following:

  • Protect and preserve assets for the benefit of a spouse, children and future generations, often through the use of trusts
  • Provide for a spouse from a second or further marriage but protect assets for the benefit of children from an earlier marriage
  • Maximise inheritance tax reliefs which may be available on the value of a business or agricultural property

In producing wills we take time to discuss family background, details of assets, aims and how best to achieve them. This ensures that a will is prepared in accordance with specific needs.

The majority of wills that are prepared are charged on a fixed fee basis which provides the reassurance of knowing in advance what the cost is.

The STEP will writing code is adhered to. To view the code click here.

To make the first step in writing your will please complete our questionnaire and send it to us at [email protected].

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