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Mark is a proficient Solicitor with over 9 years’ experience in the area of mental health. His work has predominately involved him advocating for vulnerable clients before First-tier Tribunals and Hospital Managers. He is now currently a part of the Community Care and Court of Protection team, advising and assisting clients with accessing support from Social Services or NHS bodies.

Mark’s role involves advising clients on their eligibility to obtain statutory funding from either Social Services or the NHS. Mark will also assist clients with requesting a review when statutory funding has been refused. Mark is keen to help clients obtain the care and support they are entitled to receive. In addition to this, Mark will be assisting clients with making Health & Welfare deputyship applications. Mark is passionate about having the right people in place to make important decisions on behalf of those that lack capacity.

Mark is an accredited mental health panel member and has personally been commended by First-tier Tribunal Judges for his excellent advocacy. He is also adept at negotiating care plans to meet the needs of his clients.

Mark loves spending time with his wife and young daughter, and particularly loves to travel with his family. He also enjoys public speaking and has been invited to give talks to students in University.

Additionally, Mark is passionate about looking after the homeless and started his own outreach initiative which involved giving warm food and drink to the homeless within his local area.


  • Accredited Mental Health Panel Member
  • Advocacy in County Courts and First-tier Tribunals
  • Negotiating care plans for mental health patients

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