Soft skills courses

At Boyes Turner, we understand that sometimes training is needed which focuses on “soft skills”. That is why we have developed a range of courses delivered by our network of HR consultants (Boyes Turner’s HR Consulting).

We can provide the right HR consultant for your specific training needs.

Soft skills courses we cover include:

Coaching and executive coaching

This practical and participative course is designed for HR professionals and managers who are looking to develop their coaching skills and drive performance to the next level by developing their current coaching style. We look at the key skills of coaching, how to develop high-level attention and rapport and discuss how to implement a coaching approach in your organisation. Our objectives are to help you:

  • Gain a shared understanding of how developing a coaching culture impacts on business performance.
  • Understand the difference between mentoring, coaching and training and how you can use these different interventions in your work.
  • Develop effective key coaching skills, including the GROW model.
  • Recognise when to use coaching as a manager or people leader.
  • Develop a coaching culture within your company.

We also run 1:1 executive coaching courses and programmes aimed specifically at those individuals who need guidance in terms of their career aspirations, development opportunities and how to become a more effective leader. Talk to us about our coaching programmes.  

Communication skills and assertiveness

This course focuses on the art of communication and knowing when you get your point across!  Aimed at both all levels of management, this course focuses on:

  • Assertiveness Skills
    • What does it mean to be assertive?
    • When to be assertive – and when not to be
    • Being assertive in the workplace – the risks and the rules
  • Getting your point across
    • How do we present clear messages
    • When (and how) to end conversations
    • Confidence building
  • Practice exercises – putting the theory into practice!

Driving high performing teams

What are the characteristics of a low performing team and how do we contrast this with a high-performance team? What do we look for in the leaders of a high performing team – what sets these individuals apart? What are the barriers to high performing teams and how can we avoid them? How do we embed high-performance teams within a company’s culture? Course objectives include:

  • Identifying strategies to manage the different behavioural roles people take within a team and ways to improve team dynamics
  • Establishing personal strategies and actions that will build and maintain a high performing team
  • Communicate a team vision in an engaging way to encourage team member “buy in”

Managing difficult conversations

Our managing difficult conversations course focuses on how to manage the difficult conversations that often fall on the shoulders of HR and people managers. With this course, we will help you to understand the underpinning characteristics of difficult conversations, develop the skills to manage yourself through these difficult conversations and learn how to bring out the best in the other person so that you increase the chance of achieving the agenda of both parties.

Negotiation skills

Learn or improve your negotiations skills, hear how to prepare for negotiations and how to build up a relationship.  We discuss how to elicit information effectively, how to close the deal and the process of negotiation. We also look at the possible outcomes from negotiations and how we can work towards a win-win using group discussion as well as role-play exercises to hone your negotiation skills.  

Time management

This training course delivers the methods of good planning and organisation, time management, effective delegation techniques and task prioritisation to avoid stress and make what may appear to be unachievable happen! The workshop includes:

  • Understanding time is cyclical
  • Improving personal effectiveness
  • What stops you being effective in managing your time (delegation, handling interruptions, time stealers)
  • Review of activity log

At the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Work smarter, not harder – create goals
  • Make deadlines work for you - plan
  • Deal with time wasters and interruptions - prioritise

Interviewing skills

This 1-day interviewing course includes practical work on developing the skills and knowledge needed to ask the right questions of the right people, understand what makes people tick and to focus on the core behaviours/competencies of interviewing. The course also offers you the opportunity to practice actual interview scenarios and learn from each other. During the day we will focus on:

  • Understanding different selection methods and interview styles
  • The psychological dimension, unconscious bias
  • Common pitfalls, what can go wrong in interviews 
  • Preparing for interviews (planning, environment, what do you need to have) 
  • Core skills to manage the interview (listening, observing, controlling, rapport, note taking) 
  • Effective Questioning (STAR, Question techniques, Knowing what to look for, how to find it)  
  • Evaluation, assessment and feedback
  • Closing summary reflection of learning


Our HR consultant led sessions can be run either as a full or half day course. We can also “mix and match” a training programme which includes both a legal and a soft skills focus for HR, legal teams and managers.

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