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Updating your policies – what needs a review?
Peter Olszewski talks updating your companies policies, what needs a review?
Just because you can does it mean you should? How should firms embrace new technology on the return to work?
The Wright Brothers made the first powered flight in 1903, and by 1969 Neil Armstrong had stepped on the moon. The extraordinary technological advancements during this period were powered by two World Wars followed by a Cold War, demonstrating that necessity is the mother of invention and that times of crisis often drive innovation and technological development.
I know what you (didn't do) this summer...
With the government’s “air bridges” looking a little shaky and Spain being taken off the list as of 26 July 2020, what happens if your employees are caught by the ever changing holiday rules? Emma O’Connor, Head of Training, discusses what employers can do
International Data Transfers
We live in an increasingly technological age where real power is driven by data. Every day more data is created about each of us and stored away, whether that is data stored by our employer, a bank, scorecard provider or social media site. We have seen the importance of data and the way it can be used in the Cambridge Analytica debate around the use of data in political elections.
New points based immigration system announced
The Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has this week announced further details of the UK’s new points based immigration system, read more to find out the key points and what your business should be doing now.
Chancellor’s Announcement a Boost for Hospitality Sector
The Chancellor yesterday unveiled a package of support to help businesses retain jobs and encourage customers through the door. Acknowledging the importance of the hospitality sector in playing an integral part in getting the economy moving again...
Let’s talk about … Settlement Agreements
As many businesses are looking at workforce planning and considering options, Emma O’Connor, Head of Training, explores how employers can use settlement agreements more effectively, and strategically...
Team Coaching - An Introduction
Boyes Turner coaching is at the forefront of the approach Boyes Turner takes to its legal practice...
Coronavirus and beyond – health and safety issues and returning to work
As the lockdown eases and businesses prepare plans to return people to their workplace, health and safety will be at the fore. Emma O’Connor, Head of Training, spoke to Ian Clements, Managing Director of Quadriga Health and Safety, about the key health and safety issues employers needed to be aware of. To find out more and listen to the podcast, read on.
Updated – Employer Guide to Job Retention Scheme (15 June 2020)
The speed with which the Coronavirus has changed the way we live and work is unprecedented. Despite the HMRC portal for the government’s Job Retention Scheme (JRS) going live on Monday 20 April 2020, the JRS but it continues to be updated and has been further extended. It is now due to end on 31 October 2020.

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