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Managing Stress and Building Resilience in the Workplace – Learning to “Ride the Waves”
Jon Kabat-Zimm tells us that “you cannot stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”, a reminder to all of us that managing our own stress and building resilience is vital to us being able to “thrive”. Emma O’Connor Head of Training, looks at our recent Managing Stress and Building Resilience in the Workplace course and asks, what did we learn?
April 2020 – Contract of employment changes
In the second article in our series focusing on April 2020 key employment law changes, we are focusing on changes to written statements of employment and work required as part of the Good Work Plan.
Statutory Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay to arrive soon
Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom has announced new regulations on Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay, which will give eligible employees two weeks’ paid statutory leave if they lose a child. The law will come into effect from 6 April 2020 subject to final parliamentary approval. Although an upsetting subject, this new law will give certainty and protections for parents.
2020: The Year of the TechLash?
Competition between employers to identify, attract and retain talent has led to a wide range of inventive perks and benefits being offered to employees over the last few years in addition to attractive salaries. In addition employers within particular sectors have found it easier to attract talent due to perceptions that candidates may have about them either in respect of the ethics of the businesses themselves or the nature of the work being undertaken. 
The business case for managing stress and building resilience in your workplace
On 5 February 2020, our HR Training Academy are giving you the chance to attend a workshop focusing on managing stress and building resilience in your workplace – but what’s the business case for incorporating these issues within your people management practices and wellbeing strategies? Emma O’Connor Head of Training at Boyes Turner and course presenter Geraldine Joaquim of Mind Your Business explain.
Gender critical: Is belief in immutable gender a philosophical belief?
The protection of philosophical beliefs under the Equailty Act 2010 (“EA10”) has been the hot topic of the new decade. Earlier this year, we reported on the Employment Tribunal (“ET”) holding “ethical veganism” to be capable of protection in Casamitjana v League Against Cruel Sports.
2020 Training
Are you tired of the same old training routines? Do you want to feel inspired and energised with a “can do” approach to people management? Do you want to kick start 2020 with a new people training programme?
Ethical veganism held to be a philosophical belief by the Equality Act 2010
Is ethical veganism a “philosophical belief” protected under the Equality Act 2010?
What to expect in 2020…
Phew, 2019 is nearly at an end! With the drama of the Election out of the way and Brexit, in some form, now looking far more certain, we can start to look at what the future holds with more certainty...
Avoiding a work Christmas party HR hangover
While most work Christmas parties pass without a hitch, there are a few each year which create an HR hangover...

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