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What questions should HR be asking in cases of long term sickness?
Following on from last week’s online update concerning the employer’s knowledge of a disability, this week we continue the theme and look at the issue of managing long term absent employees. In cases of long term sickness absence what questions should employers be asking?...
Should we always take medical advice at face value?
How often have we questioned the advice we receive from medical professionals or occupational health advisers about an employee’s condition and their conclusions as to whether that employee is ‘disabled’ within the meaning of the Equality Act 2010?...
What to expect in 2014...
Happy New Year! After an incredible year of employment law change in 2013, what does 2014 hold for HR and business? We look into our 2014 crystal ball…
My 2014 HR ‘To Do’ List…
Being an HR manager is never easy and this year has been particularly challenging with the unprecedented amount of legislative change we have experienced. We want to hear from you if your HR ‘to do’ list for 2014 looks something like this...
When does employment end?
Knowing when an employee’s employment ends may seem like an easy question to answer; however, in some cases the answer is not so clear cut. We report on a recent case where termination was communicated through the employee’s solicitor – was this communication sufficient to end employment?
Constructive dismissal - An employer’s repudiatory breach has only a ‘part’ to play
Under the Employment Rights Act 1996 a qualifying employee may bring a claim for unfair dismissal where it terminates the relationship in response to the employer’s actions, rather than being dismissed. This is known as “constructive unfair dismissal”...
Can you earn whilst “sleeping on the job”?
We report on the case of Whittlestone v BJP Home Support which focuses on the issue of whether, under the National Minimum Wage Regulations 1999, you can earn whilst sleeping on the “job"...
When is suitable alternative employment 'suitable'?
Whether an employee reasonably or unreasonably refuses an offer of suitable alternative employment is an important one as it could affect their entitlement to redundancy pay. We look at a recent Court of Appeal decision concerning an employee’s reasonableness in turning down what appeared to be a reasonable offer...

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