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COVID-19 Tax benefits available to UK businesses in the US
Our commercial and technology partner Mark Blunden, shares a high level summary from US law firm Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP on US tax benefits available to businesses impacted by the pandemic
COVID-19 European guidance from our friends during this pandemic
We are working with our European friends to being you advice as to what other European governments are doing to support employers, workers and businesses at this time of global pandemic.
Greenfort - Germany: Short-time Work Program
Our International Network Greenfort has written a note about Germany's Short-time work program read more here...
Holidays, Furlough Leave and the Job Retention Scheme
Emma O’Connor of the Employment Group discusses what we know (and don’t) and how employers can navigate their way through the guidance to date.
Updated - Employer Guide to Job Retention Scheme (04 April 2020)
The speed with which the Coronavirus has changed the way we live and work is unprecedented. There is, as a result much we do not know about the Job Retention Scheme (JRS) but it continues to be updated.
Helping individuals and businesses wade through unchartered waters
Businesses of all kinds are trying to urgently assess what the road ahead looks like, and whether they have the means to survive. We are here to help
Working in the Construction Industry during COVID-19
As everyone is aware, the Government guidelines are wherever possible for people to work at home while we remain on “lock down” during the COVID-19 outbreak. However, the construction industry plays a vital role in our nation’s wellbeing and will be a pivotal cog in the wheel in assisting with the country’s economic recovery over the coming months.
Workplace discrimination and harassment in the times of the Coronavirus
Following the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic the UK has seen significant changes to how its workforces are operated, how business is conducted and to the law governing many employment rights.
Discounted fixed-fee Wills for NHS workers
While the whole of the country is doing their bit to fight the coronavirus threat, we recognise that it is our NHS staff, emergency services and healthcare workers who are out on the front line keeping us safe during this uncertain time.
Coronavirus – advice for employers – updated following government announcement on friday 20 march 2020 PART 1
Part 1 - introduction and current government advice. Updated as of advice on 29 March 2020

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