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We are respectful, open and supportive. We value diverse ideas, perspectives and experiences. In fact, the smooth running of our business and our innovation depends on our colleagues having a wide range of skills, mind-sets and experience.

Everyone at Boyes Turner has a part to play, a valuable viewpoint and ideas that matter.

Increasing the diversity of our workforce and ensuring that we are representative of our clients and community is important to us. This is not about creating a policy that gathers dust in a drawer. This is about taking action and continually striving to improve.

Change is being driven by our people. Working parties, with colleagues from across the business, are focussing on the four strands that form our three-year equality, diversity and inclusion strategy.

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Awareness through education and training

We will rethink workplace diversity, learn what diversity is, why it matters and how to develop a diverse workplace.


Workforce diversity

We will recruit from a diverse group of candidates to increase diversity of thinking and perspective.

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Workplace inclusion

Our aim is to continue to keep workforce attrition below 12% by fostering a culture that encourages collaboration, flexibility and fairness that will allow our employees to contribute to the firm’s initiatives and develop their own skills and experience to their full potential.

There has always been the opportunity to learn and grow at Boyes Turner. They allow you to reach your goals.

Sustainability and accountability

We will achieve sustainable workplace diversity by embedding equality, diversity and inclusion policies and practices. We will equip our leaders with the ability to manage diversity and hold them accountable for the results.