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 Corporate Acquisitions: Due diligence when buying a business - Episode 4

Natalie Wood, Associate Solicitor within the Employment team, is joined in this podcast episode by Katie Harris, a Senior Associate Solicitor in the Employment team. In this series, they cover the different elements of corporate support work they do as Employment lawyers. 

In this episode, Natalie and Katie cover due diligence. Due diligence is typically one of the most important aspects when buying a business. In most cases, there is no legal obligation for the seller to declare defects or liabilities when selling. The responsibility is on the buyer to conduct their own investigation.

The due diligence is risk management and identifies areas of potential risk and liability, and it is down to our Employment solicitors to put in place measures where possible to mitigate, reduce or remove liability. This is often done through terms of sales, warranties, and indemnities.

Employment due diligence is extremely important, in this episode we cover the difference aspects to consider and why.

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