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Natalie Wood



Maria Riccio

Pension specialist lawyer

 Corporate Acquisitions: Employment Insights - Episode 5

Natalie Wood, Associate Solicitor, discusses managing pensions during corporate acquisitions with our expert guest, Maria Riccio, Pension Specialist Lawyer. 

Maria talks us through employer's obligations under the Pensions Act 2008, emphasizing the critical role of workplace pension schemes and auto-enrolment. 

She further explains the differences between occupational and personal pension schemes, and the crucial trust documents and contractual paperwork that come into play. Maria breaks down the complexities of defined benefit, defined contribution, hybrid schemes, and small self-administered schemes, ensuring you understand how these can impact your business transactions. 

We also explore employee pension protections under TUPE and the thorny issues of Beckman and Martin liabilities. This episode is your roadmap to avoiding pension pitfalls in corporate acquisitions. 

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