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Helen Goss

Helen Goss


Ever wondered how the shift from formal to informal language at work impacts inclusivity?
In this episode Andy Whiteaker and Helen Goss tell the significance of mindful language in fostering a respectful work environment. We'll dissect real-world scenarios, including the implications of calling women "girls," and debate the necessity of replacing gendered terms like "manpower" with neutral alternatives. They discuss making your workplace more inclusive through thoughtful communication. 

Further in the episode, they examine a recent tribunal case that delves into the delicate balance between workplace harassment and political correctness. Imagine a casual chat about sushi spiralling into a discrimination claim! 

Together, they discuss workplace banter and its often-hidden implications. Through a compelling case study, we illustrate how "just banter" can mask deeper issues of harassment and bullying, and the challenges faced in defending such claims. 

Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation on creating a more inclusive and respectful workplace. 


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