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Helen Goss

Helen Goss


Are businesses truly retaining their best talent during redundancies, or are they overlooking crucial steps in the process? This episode of the Employment Law Pod, hosted by Helen Goss and Andy Whiteaker, promises an enlightening discussion on the finer points of redundancy law, starting with the essential concept of selection pools. Using the compelling case of Valimulla v Al-Khair Foundation as a springboard, we dissect why consulting on proposed redundancy pools is indispensable, even for seemingly unique roles. As pandemic pressures ease, companies are reevaluating their structures, making our insights timely and critical. 

In the second half, we explore the potential overhaul of collective redundancy consultation rules that might come with a Labour government. Reflecting on the Woolworths' collapse, we untangle the term "establishment" and its ripple effects across multi-site organizations. Initially, UK courts interpreted "establishment" to mean the whole company, a stance that sent shockwaves through the business community. 

Join us for a thorough analysis that equips both employers and employees with the knowledge to navigate these complex legal landscapes. 

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