Can adult children bring inheritance act claims - Part 2?
In my previous article, I considered a claim where an adult child had been successful in bringing a claim under the Inheritance Act (Provision for Family & Dependants) Act 1974 (“the Act”) following the death of her father. In this article, I consider the recent case of Miles V Shearer [2021] where the adult daughters were not successful with their claim.
Case law: Disability discrimination in 2021 – lessons from recent decisions
Barry Stanton and Jemille Gibson examine the key points to arise from the latest crop of disability discrimination cases.
Boyes Turner launches family law service with appointment of leading family lawyer
Thames Valley law firm Boyes Turner has appointed a leading family lawyer to head up its new family service.
Covid rules – one rule for one?
Covid rule compliance has been a key feature of the news headlines this last week, but how are Employment Tribunals managing covid employment disputes? Employment solicitor Jemille Gibson, looks at recent case Accattatis v Fortuna Group (London) Limited.
The immigration angle on Digital Nomads – opportunities & risks of a future way of working
One of the biggest changes brought on by technology in the way that we work is the rise of the concept of the Digital Nomad. To most people who have a general understanding of the concept it evokes images of sitting at a beachfront bar, enjoying some of the world’s most idyllic landscapes whilst working on your laptop making use of cutting edge collaborative tools, keeping you connected with a team dispersed around the globe.
New Digital Dispute Resolution Rules 
Following the publication of the Digital Dispute Resolution Rules (“the Rules”) in April 2021, disputes arising from novel digital technologies including cryptoassets, cryptocurrancies, fintech applications, smart contracts, blockchain and distributed ledger technology will have a specialised arbitration process which can be used to resolve disputes.
Government announces legislation to further protect commercial tenants and potentially force landlords to waive some arrears
Last week the Government announced its plans to offer additional support to commercial tenants worst affected financially by the forced closure of businesses during the pandemic. The recent proposals will see an additional 9 month extension to the existing restrictions first imposed on commercial landlords in March and April of last year, preventing them from taking forfeiture and eviction action against tenants with commercial rent debts. 
Consultation underway on New Homes Quality Code    
The Government sponsored New Homes Quality Board is currently (until 7 July 2021) consulting on a proposed New Homes Quality Code.
Gender Critical belief case appealed
In January 2020, we reported on the case of Forstater v Centre for Global Development where the Employment Tribunal ruled that “gender-critical” beliefs were not capable of protection as a “philosophical belief” under the Equality Act 2010. The case was appealed to the Employment Appeal Tribunal - Employment Solicitor Jemille Gibson, reports on the decision and its implications for employers.
Holidays – Ready, set … go? Navigating through a summer of uncertainty
Employers and employees alike will likely look back with fondness at the days where holidays were a simple matter of request, approval, jet set and return. COVID-19 travel restrictions have taken away what was once a relatively simple process, instead leaving a navigational minefield, of issues such as quarantine, destination and carry over rights. Natalie Wood and Emma O’Connor explore these issues.

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