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Virtual Training Course- Building Resilience at Work- How to cope better through uncertain times
Start: 11:00
End: 17/12/2020
Cost: £75 + VAT

Location: Zoom

Please note that this event has now finished.

“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again” 
– Nelson Mandela

2020 has tested many of us to the limits, but as we begin to draw a line under the year, head to Christmas and move forward into 2021, how can we develop the skill of resilience? Building resilience is just like developing any other skill, it needs awareness, focus and practice. How can we build that capacity to cope especially at work in changing or uncertain times? How can we change our mindset and develop the skills we need to thrive in a new working environment?

Join Emma O'Connor, Head of Training and Geraldine Joaquim of Mind Your Business for a live, interactive virtual training session designed to encourage gentle self-reflection and offer a variety of practical tools to improve personal stress management, avoid burnout and build resilience at work.
Through the session we will:  

•    Ask what is resilience - how resilient are you, and is there room for improvement?
•    Focus on stress and resilience, what is it and how does the Law of Progressive Overload help (or hinder)?
•    Explain how to build Resilience - particularly at work - and focus on the 5 Pillars and to Build Personal Resilience
•    Discuss practical strategies to cope better including prevention and techniques and 'In the Moment tactics'

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