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Ben Martin

Director of Privacy, Trustpilot

In this episode, we dive into everything you need to know about data protection with expert Ben Martin, Director of Privacy at Trustpilot and author of 'GDPR for Startups and Scale-ups' and Host, Sarah Williamson, Partner and Head of Commercial Technology at Boyes Turner.  

Ben Martin shares his unique journey from environmental to data protection law, emphasizing the convergence of regulation, technology, and application. As businesses grow and technologies like AI become more integrated into our daily operations, the challenges that in-house counsel face in terms of data protection become more complex.

Throughout the episode, the overarching message is clear: data protection should not be viewed as a mere compliance hurdle but as an essential element of trust and privacy. In essence, this episode provides valuable insights for any business or legal professional aiming to navigate the future of legal tech with confidence. 

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