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Emma O'Connor


Rosemary Ryan (002)

Rosemary Ryan

Director, Represent Ltd


Boost Positivity, Engagement & Productivity   

As HR professionals, managers and people leaders, our mindset influences how you and your team performs; yet in an ever-changing business world, a positive mindset is not always so easily achieved and sustained.  To help meet our mindset goals, create engagement and productivity,  join Emma O’Connor, Legal Director and Rosemary Ryan of training and leadership consultancy company Represent for a live, virtual masterclass: Building a Positive Mindset.

During the 90 minute session we will:

  •  Discuss the influence that mood has on us, our teams and the wider business;
  •  Focus on the challenges of maintaining a positive mindset;
  •  Explain the importance of personal energy and resourcefulness and how we can develop this more widely
  •  Help you recognise the importance of adapting a growth mindset; and
  •  Explore tools and techniques to build a positive mindset

This is a chance to meet other likeminded professionals, share ideas and gain valuable takeaways to use from day-1. If you are in HR, a manager or people leader this course is a must attend.

The session is live and not recorded.  We can also run this course in house.

We look forward to welcoming you. 

If you have any questions about this event please contact Emma O'Connor here.