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With over 5 years of specialised experience, Jess is an Associate Court of Protection Solicitor dedicated to upholding the financial and property interests of vulnerable individuals. The role includes everything from advising on statutory wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney to representing clients in Court of Protection hearings, akin to the bespoke, client-centric services offered by the team at Boyes Turner.

In Jess' capacity as an Associate Court of Protection Solicitor, her responsibilities span a broad spectrum. From advising clients on complex matters like statutory wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney to representing them in Court of Protection hearings, the legal work is undoubtedly intricate. However, what fuels Jess' daily practice is a deep-rooted commitment to demystifying the law for those who find it most daunting. Empowering clients through clear, accessible advice is not just a job requirement; it's a personal mission.

This dedication to making legal services accessible isn't confined to the courtroom or the office. It's a commitment Jess has carried through different phases of her career, whether it's volunteering to protect the rights of those who can't afford legal services or blogging to make complex legal subjects more approachable for the public.
But law isn't just about statutes and case law; it's about people. That's where collaboration and relationship-building come into play. Jess believes in forming lasting partnerships with my clients and their families, as well as with other professionals in multidisciplinary teams. This collaborative ethos ensures not only that legal solutions are tailored to individual needs, but also that they are reached through a process that respects and values the input of everyone involved. It's this blend of legal expertise and ‘human touch’ that forms the cornerstone of her practice.

Working in a Court of Protection Solicitor role, enables Jess to work on a diverse range of cases. She has been involved in everything from advising on Lasting Powers of Attorney to preparing Court Applications, including deputyship appointments and statutory wills. Jess' work often involves careful analysis, particularly when it comes to safeguarding against financial abuse, which reflects her commitment to my clients' well-being.

Jess wears several hats outside of her professional life. She is deeply involved with her family and enjoys the challenges and joys of raising a busy toddler. In her downtime, Jess loves to cook and is currently renovating her house, working towards starting her own little homestead.

The passion for community contribution extends beyond her immediate surroundings. Jess runs a personal commentary blog, The Lawyerist, to focus on issues related to the Court of Protection. Additionally, Jess volunteers as a mentor in the Pregnant Then Screwed Mentor Programme, offering emotional support and guidance to women facing pregnancy or maternity discrimination.


  • Court of protection applications
  • Deputyship management
  • Financial management
  • Mental Capacity
  • Statutory Wills
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Care Package Funding
  • Financial Abuse Identification
  • Court and Tribunal Representation

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