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Emma O'Connor


Emma is a Director and Head of HR Training in the Employment team. She designs and delivers employment law, leadership and development and compliance courses to HR teams, managers and wider employee populations.


From April 2024, the statutory flexible working regime is changing – are your managers, HR teams and businesses ready for the “revolution”?

Join Emma O’Connor, Director and Head of HR Training for a live, virtual training session where Emma will explore how employers should manage and handle statutory flexible working requests under the new regime post April 2024. 

During the 90 minute session Emma will focus on:

•    Flexible working as a “day one right” – what does this mean? 
•    Who and in what circumstances someone can make a request?
•    What should an employer do when it receives a request?
•    Do requests “rank” in order of preference?
•    What is the new ACAS code of practice and how should we manage the 
•    What are the 8 statutory grounds for refusing a request?
•    What are the legal, commercial and cultural risks of saying no?

We will work through different scenarios and, as a group, share best practice as to how we can navigate the new legal and practical guidance. We will also discuss how to update policies and practices internally.

This course is aimed at those in management, people leadership and HR whether as a refresher or as a chance to gain new skills and knowledge. Join individually or as a group.

This course is run live as a workshop virtual session allowing delegates to share ideas, ask questions and discuss the learning outcomes.

If you would like to run this course in-house, please contact us here.