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harry borovick

Harry Borovick

andrew cooke

Andrew Cooke

Joanna goodman

Joanna Goodman

On 12 October we held our inaugural conference for Heads of Legal and GCs with the theme “Building Growth and Efficiency for in-house legal teams” which included expert panels sharing their views.

For our last panel, Sarah Williamson, Head of Commercial and Technology at Boyes Turner was joined by Andrew Cooke, General Counsel of TravelperkHarry Borovick, General Counsel of Luminance and Joanna Goodman, journalist and Law Society Gazette columnist.

In this session Andy and Harry discuss how they use AI within their day to day roles. Andy explains how his team have introduced an AI powered chatbot to answer repeated queries that are asked of the in-house legal team. Harry discusses how he uses the company’s own AI products to support the in-house team.

Joanna talks about how it is not too late to start looking at AI and discusses accessible ways to find out what it can do.

Andy advocates finding out what the pain is that you are seeking to resolve rather than rushing into an AI solution that may not be what is needed but being open to the benefits of AI. Joanna also elaborates on finding a use case for AI.

Joanna also discusses the interaction between AI and ESG from a governance perspective but also on the environmental front, particularly bearing in mind the energy and water used in operating and cooling data centres used in running generative AI. 

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